Our Team

KOBI Venture Capital Investment Trust Inc.’ s investment team comprises of well trained young, talent experts having an entrepreneurial spirit and ability of analytical thinking and who have been successful in their previous carriers and have been specialized in investment assessment. The team which has been evaluating applications exceeding thousands coming from all parts of Turkey has gained significant experience on the structure of entrepreneurs and SMEs in Turkey. Our investment experts who have actively participated in investments executed so far acquire long term experience related to institutionalization processes of companies in the SME sector.

Board of Directors

Müjdat KEÇECİ Chairman
Uğur GÜNDÜZ Vice Chairman
Zeki Kıvanç Member
Savaş Mehmet ÖZAYDEMİR Member
Recep BİÇER Member
İsmail KARAMAN Member

Investment Committee

General Manager

Mr. Süleyman YILMAZ General Manager