KOBI Venture Capital Investment Partnership Inc. was originally established under the name of "Partnership to KOBI Investments Inc." with a capital of TL317.800. With the partnerships of TOBB / The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey, Halk Bank, KOSGEB / Small and Medium Industry Development Organization, TESK / Turkish Confederation of Tradesmen and Craftsmen and 16 Chambers of Industry and Trade, the company was formed in 1999 for meeting the financial demands and necessities of SMEs. Due to several economic crises and political instabilities however, the company was unable to become fully operational.

Within the years, as the economical and political stability was established, the decision was taken in 2003 for the company to operate in the field of venture capital. For this purpose, in order to operate in the field of venture capital and in accordance with capital market law legislation serial III and no. 48.3 of the Capital Markets Board of Turkey, the title of the company was changed to "KOBI Venture Capital Investment Trust". In late 2004, the company became fully operational after acquiring it's "Portfolio Management Certificate" from the CMB and raising it's paid-in capital to TL20 million.

The company's capital was raised to TL38 million in 2009. Through means of capital and management support, KOBI Venture Capital Investment Trust Inc., aims to provide innovative SMEs which have a competitive advantage and that can contribute to the Turkish economy but in the meantime experience difficulties in reaching financial resources to realize their respective production or services projects.

KOBI Venture Capital Investment Trust Inc.'s Head Office is located in Ankara.