• After partnership with KOBI we began to reach financial sources easier. Thus we began to see our future easily and began to get involved in technology. While we were dealing with what we could do under the conditions of Turkish economy, thanks to partnership with KOBI, we began to produce longer term projects, to increase our research and development investments and to attach importance towards engineering. If this partnership did not exist, we would not be able to deal with other works because of struggling with financial problems.

    Mahmut Bülbül
    SL ENERJİ A.Ş. General Manager

  • We can easily comprehend the benefit provided by the partnership with KOBI Venture Capital Investment Trust Inc. from the credibility shown towards us in the financial and commercial markets. This enables us for institutionalization and for healthy growth.

    Adnan Uçak
    Uçak Plastik General Manager

  • Upon KOBI Venture Capital Investment Trust Inc.’s contribution, we are getting prepared to make a name for us both in the country and world market, and aiming to enter into major producers of the sector. We recorded a serious increase in our production capacity after this partnership is established. Now we are able to reply faster against our customers’ requests.

    Tacettin İleri
    MAKİM A.Ş. General Manager

KOBI Venture Capital Investment Trust Inc. Co.

Entrepreneurs in Turkey, just as the ones all over the world, have great difficulties in reaching the financial resources they require for putting their business ideas into practice. It is not quite possible for entrepreneurs who do not have the adequate experience, capital nor the collateral to provide the seed and initial capital required at the beginning of the business nor the additional capital necessary for expanding their businesses through traditional means by utilizing various bank resources.  

Currently, entrepreneurs are trying to fill this gap by funding themselves via their friends and families or on their own, or alternatively through state- led grants. In developed Western countries however, the funding required to transform innovation into entrepreneurship is supplied by a class called the business angels. These angels, along with other professional actors and venture capital funds, play a much more significant role in the transformation of proactivity into entrepreneurship. 

Apart from financing the companies in which they invest, venture capital funds and business angels offer managerial and strategic support, which in turn make a significant contribution to each company's growth perspective.  

Having seen this gap in the market, our company has adopted the following steps to support entrepreneurship from the very initial stage;

-To invest in innovative ideas from entrepreneurs with a vision, where there ideas offer high growth potential with new markets, new technology or products and designs of new ways of production or.

-To provide financial and managerial contribution to SMEs facing lack of resources and/or lack of capacity even though they have an advantage over their competitors in terms of production and/or services

-To form the necessary infrastructure necessary for development of venture capital and business angels models in our country and for increasing public awareness.

Application Form

After receiving your application form the evaluation of your application is performed in three phases. The completion of each stage varies upon the cooperation of the entrepreneur and the speed of completion and provision of these required documents adequately. To send your application, please fill completely the below given application form and send it to our company.