Investment Criteria

The project applications are evaluated in line with the below mentioned investment criteria of KOBI Venture Capital Investment Trust Inc. Co.

  • Entrepreneurial companies should comply with the definition of a SME (The definition should be considered under the latest published declaration by the Ministry of Science Industry and technology).

  • Project 's capability of creating differences and providing competitive advantages at the market or presenting a new product- service portfolio with a potential of development.

  • The company should not any outstanding tax, social insurance and/or bank debt for immediate payment which is deemed to be unpayable when compared with its expected short term cash flow.

  • The owners of projects should be on top of the concerned technicalities of his/her business and also have knowledge about the market, the company's customers and business administration.

  • The project owners should have a feasible business plan.

  • The owners of projects and their respective team members should be innovative, experienced, active and honest.

  • KOBI Venture Capital Investment Trust Inc. Co. may exit from the project in 5-6 years. The company should be conscious of this plan.

KOBI Venture Capital Investment Trust Incorporation invests up to 49% shares of a company. We prefer to be the minority shareholder at all times. Investment is made depending on the project's capital needs and also as following; for projects at the start up stage; approximately USD 250.000, for information technology sector projects with have an existing company; at least USD 500.000 and for other sectors; minimum USD 1 million and a ceiling with USD 5 million.