Investment Strategies

The main investment strategy of KOBI Venture Capital Investment Trust Inc. Co. is to contribute to the Turkish economy by supporting the projects that have the following features;

  • Competitive advantages through technological differences/improvements,
  • Products or services that have a market with potential for development.
  • Potential to develop or has already developed new products, approach, system or techniques.

In light of the above basic strategy, KOBI Venture Capital Investment Trust supports the products and projects of the visionary companies that contribute to Turkey's economy and adds value during their start up, growth and institutional restructuring process.

In line with KOBI Venture Capital Investment Trust Inc.'s corporate strategies, the investable stages of a company are as follows;

Ortaklık Aşamaları Şeması

  • Start up Stage: Partnerships to be performed for the creation of a concept, product development and primary marketing activities are included in this category .

  • Companies at the first stage: Partnerships with companies that have consumed their initial capital and are in the need of financial support for their sales and marketing activities are evaluated under this category. For this stage the project profitability is taken into account to decide if any financial support can be provided.

  • Companies at the second or third stage: Partnerships with companies that manufacture and provide goods and services but have not yet achieved profitability or have achieved profitability and increased sales but stil require additional support to grow their business are evaluated in this category. KOBI Venture Capital Investment Trust Inc. Co. aims to provide support to these kinds of companies by taking into account the market and growth potentials.

  • Bridge Stage: KOBI Venture Capital Investment Trust Inc. Co. can invest into companies that are ready to go public in the next 6-12 months. But investment under this category is not among our investment priorities.